Thank You for Requesting The Client Magnet System ICP Persona Worksheet

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The ICP Persona Worksheet is an amazing tool to get inside the head of your ideal client. It's easy to use and helps you create messages and communications that speak to the heart of your buyer's problems and challenges.

Remember to watch the associated video that helps you understand and complete each section: How to Identify Your Ideal Client Profile Persona

Remember, the ICP Persona Worksheet is part of a larger marketing model called the Client Magnet System.

The Client Magnet System is a synthesis of all the best Sales and Marketing strategies and tactics rolled into one and puts your Sales and Marketing teams on the same page.

Once that happens, you have aligned sales and marketing!

The Client Magnet System explains:

  • The Buyer’s Journey and why you are leaving money on the table by not optimizing your marketing and sales system to deliver the exact content and information at the right time.

  • The 6 core pieces of the client magnet system and how they are the foundation for profitable client acquisition

  • The Client Magnet System Map and how you can map your entire sales and marketing strategies to it.

  • The importance of a clear, core message that separates you from your competition and makes you the preferred business in your category.

  • What “seeds,” “nets” and “spears” are and how to use them together in the right way to maximize your ROI.

  • The Inbound Marketing process, the exact flow for capturing a lead and converting them into a client.

  • The Outbound Sales process and why if you do it wrong, you are destined to fail … because buyer behavior has changed and if you don’t position yourself correctly, you are doomed.

  • Uniting and aligning Sales and Marketing around content and how using sales enablement content speeds up the sales cycle and makes it easier and faster to close leads.

  • And more!

If you are interested in growing your business, clarifying your message, gaining industry thought-leadership, expertise and influence, or just want to shorten your sales cycle and increase sales, the Client Magnet System is your map to profits.

Go ahead and check your email now and download your Worksheet. If you would like more information on the Client Magnet System, be sure to check out the Mindwhirl Website while you are there.