The Agile B2B Client Acquisition Model

The complete model for uniting sales and marketing and keeping your pipeline full

How to Get Customers One Demand eBook Cover

The way businesses buy products and services has changed. The way you market and sell has to change and adapt to meet them.

But with all the marketing options available now, it's hard to understand how it all works together, how to make processes to achieve a strategy, and how to profit from it.

That's where the Agile B2B Client Acquisition Model comes in. It's the complete strategy for most small to mid-sized B2B businesses.

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Inside you'll find:

  • The foundational rules for using the model to market your business

  • An Illustration of the model that has gone through 8 revisions over the past 12 years

  • A better, easier, more understandable, and more profitable model of client acquisition

  • The exact types of businesses this works for

The Agile B2B Client Acquisition Model introduction overviews a complete strategy to align sales and marketing through content and process. Download your guide now!


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This introduction to "The Agile B2B Client Acquisition Model" will give you insight into how simple increasing your sales can be.